Blue Ribbon Campaign, a smoke free environment in Menara Landmark.

In the month of October, Menara Landmark will be running a Blue Ribbon Campaign to educate the harm of smoking and second-hand smoke!


About the campaign

Malaysian Health Promotion Board (MySihat) introduces The Blue Ribbon Campaign as part of its effort to recognize and honour the significant roles contributed by people and organizations who save people lives from second hand smoke by advocating 100% smoke free environment.

Why Smoke-Free?

  • Inconsiderate smokers were found in office tower, food court & carpark:
  • Damaged caused by cigarette butts, i.e.: peeling of epoxy floor, staining, clogged toilets & etc;
  • Unpleasant smoke smell runs through centralize air-conditioning system and inside the toilets;
  • Littering;
  • Unnecessary access to staircase area;
  • Smoke detector was triggered, causing confusion and inconvenience to the occupants.
  • Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004, the building is prohibited from smoking by law!
  • Most importantly, smoking (or second hand smoke) is BAD FOR HEALTH!



How can you help?

Advice your colleagues /peers /staff / boss to QUIT smoking.


Let them know

Just 5 mins of second-hand smoke can hurt you; increasing risk for asthma or heart attacks!


If they really needs to smoke 😦

Look out for this sign at Level 1, Level 7(near to  parking lot 7g) and Level 10 (near to parking lot 10a)

smokers station

Lets create a smoke-free environment for our work place.  🙂


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