Contact List for Menara Landmark Medical Suites


Medical Services available in Menara Landmark Medical Suites:
您可在Menara Landmark专科中心找到下列医疗专科服务:

Level 2
Systemic Dialysis Centre 陈氏洗肾中心

Level 3
Aesthetics and plastic surgery 医疗美容与整形专家
Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (JB)- 富康医疗中心

Cancer Treatment Centre 肿瘤与癌症治疗中心
Dr. Radzi’s Oncology & Daycare Centre

Level 4
Fertility / Obstetrics & Gynaecology 妇产助育
TMC Fertility & Women’s Spcialist 麗陽助孕中心

Pathology 化验中心
Gribbles Pathology Centre

Level 5
Dental Clinic 牙科
Amim Dental Surgery 亞民牙科

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